September 07, 2020 (1 min read)

The Power of Defaults

The default effect states that people usually just accept the default option, even if better options are at arms’ reach.

In product design, it’s extremely important to keep this effect in mind, since giving wrong defaults could completely impair the ability of users to get value from the product, giving in some cases the wrong impression that the product doesn’t work or isn’t useful.

But we should think about defaults in our…

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September 04, 2020 (1 min read)

Garbage In, Garbage Out

As Ryan Holiday writes in Stillness Is The Key:

There's a great saying: Garbage in, garbage out. If you want good output, you have to watch over the inputs.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the only way to live a meaningful life, nurture my mind, and cultivate good ideas is by ruthlessly eliminating sources of "garbage": useless news, noise, hate, uninformed opinions of vocal…

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September 02, 2020 (2 min read)

Why we like MKBHD videos

The production quality of Marques Brownlee videos is stellar and Marques has developed through the years an incredible talent for visual storytelling.

But I'd like to get more into some of the specific reasons why I believe we love his videos. I'm a technologist, writer, and storyteller, so these things are often on my mind.

No unnecessary camera movements

Many people might confuse more camera…

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August 24, 2020 (1 min read)

The Rise of Slow Feeds

In a few years, they're going to be everywhere: slow feeds, one-off digests, highly filtered content from your favorite sources.

Fewer algorithms, less recommended content, more good stuff from people you actually care about.

We're already seeing it with Substack. How cumbersome is it to subscribe to a different newsletter from each writer you want to follow? Still, people would rather do this…

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February 13, 2020 (4 min read)

I asked my users to explain my product to me

A few weeks ago I realized that while being deep down in building my next SaaS, I was losing touch with my product. Who's it for? What problem does it solve? It's easy to get lost in the details, and lack a true high-level vision of what your product does, and for whom.

So I had an idea to send all my users (automatically after a couple of weeks since signing up) a little survey asking for feedback, specifically to understand our value proposition in the eyes of the user

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January 16, 2020 (1 min read)

How I've started sticking to new habits

I’ve tried many different “habit tracking apps” in the past, and the only thing they have in common is that they didn’t work. I might have stuck with a habit for a few weeks or months, but in the end, I always lost a streak, stopped using the app, and eventually abandoned the habit.

In the last couple of years though I’ve finally started building a few healthy habits without any external aid.


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January 10, 2020 (2 min read)

There Are No Hacks

As a startup founder and software maker, I recently had a recurring thought while building multiple products at Superlinear: there are no hacks.

Sure, there are growth hacks, there are hackish things you can do to build a huge following, there’s an infinite amount of A/B tests you can do, there are shortcuts to rank on Google, there are techniques to get more likes on your posts etc. And sure, in…

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January 04, 2020 (1 min read)

Kill your ego

Want to kill your ego?
Imagine your life until now being something you read, not something you were subjected too, then start thinking about what the character should do. (source)

This is a very powerful statement. Most of us would know exactly what the character should do — to feel better, to be better — yet many of us would just go on and keep doing the same things that hurt us, or prevent us…

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October 14, 2019 (1 min read)

What makes Joker a powerful movie

Ever since I watched Joker I've been wondering why it resonates so much with audiences. The audience reaction in the theater where I watched it felt so different than what I've been seeing in the last few years, and it seems to go from interested to confused, amused, scared and so much more until the end, where a big applause exploded during the credits.

It would be wrong to feel the applause was just to the movie, it almost felt like it was to the character itself, but not for his (condemnable) actions, but rather for how genuine and true it felt. And that's when I realized much of the power of this film comes from one thing:

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October 07, 2019 (3 min read)

3 Advanced Workflows for "Things" Power User

I've been a Things user for around 10 years. I don't think there's another software I've been using so reliably, for so long, like Things, and it's pretty crazy to think about using any single app for more than a few years.

I love its slow and deliberate development cycle, its almost perfect feature set, how committed it is to a simple but powerful GTD approach, and the near-perfection of its user…

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September 01, 2019 (1 min read)


Friction is described as the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other — but there's a different kind of friction that I often think about: the friction to do something good when doing nothing is easier; the friction to change a routine; the friction to throw things out instead of just leaving them hanging around; the…

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April 30, 2019 (4 min read)

A new beginning

It's been a long time since I wrote anything on a personal blog, and I must admit I missed it. This is an important year for me, almost critical: I left my job a few months ago, started my own company with Francesco, I'm slowly getting back into filmmaking and I've got other projects ready to start. I'm also dedicating more time and energy to my mental and phisical wellbeing, which I somewhat…

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